Who are we?

We're a Toronto based sound business that offers professional audio solutions to filmmakers, including location sound recording, post-sound services and sound effects libraries.

With 3 years of professional experience on a range of productions like narratives, commercials and interviews - you can rest assured that we've got a plan and a solution for all your audio needs!

Our Mission

Here at Field Frequencies, our mission is more than just making good recordings. We strive to foster an admiration for sound as a medium of self expression and inspire young people to go outside and explore the natural world around them, documenting their journeys through their own recordings.

We believe that every sound is unique and taking a minute to listen and be apart of a fleeting moment in time allows oneself to appreciate life for what it is at any occasion. Our vision for the future is to become an educational outlet for those starting out in, or interested in sound; to teach everything we've learned and are learning, throughout our journey as recordists.